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Our vastly-experienced external Advisory Board does a tremendous job advocating our work and providing the Be Onsite leadership team with additional advice and assistance. They act as “critical friends”, challenging us and our thinking internally at a strategic level.

25% of Be Onsite employees have criminal records. It costs society between £35,000 and £75,000 to keep an inmate in prison for a year. 99% of Be Onsite employees do not re-offend. Nationally, 75% of people with criminal records return to crime.

The aim of Be Onsite is to address the skills gaps in the construction industry by providing socially-excluded people with industry training and employment opportunities.

We are proud to have applied our delivery model to a project of real national significance with our involvement at the Athletes Village.

The Be Onsite Delivery Model

Our work starts with a person. It’s a disadvantaged person; it’s someone who may not have academic qualifications or experience, but needs an opportunity.

Building a better future

Our ethos of combining highly specific training with emotional support for each and every employee has delivered fantastic results. We build a better future for Be Onsite employees, their families and society as a whole.

Contractors that work with Be Onsite provide invaluable employment opportunities and get skilled, motivated workers in return.

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Together we achieve more. By working with other projects and organisations that share our goals, the bigger the impact we can have.

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Be Onsite is nothing without the people and organisations we work with. Our collaborative approach aims to produce a successful outcome for everyone, be it for contractors, employees or partners.

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National Construction Diversity Awards 2011

Nomination in Excellence by a Large Company category

These awards recognise excellence in equality, diversity and inclusion work by construction-related companies on a national basis.


Be Onsite is the award-winning not-for-profit company dedicated to helping disadvantaged people make a positive change in their lives.