Our history

“The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society with greater emphasis being placed on environmental and social impact than straight economics.”

Dick Dusseldorp, Lendlease founder, 1973

Be Onsite was launched as a not for profit company in 2008 by Lendlease, one of the world’s leading integrated property and infrastructure solutions providers. The aim was:

  • to provide training and sustained employment within the property sector to people from socially-excluded groups;
  • to address an industry-wide problem - the difficulty of hiring a skilled workforce across the supply chain -  in a socially-responsible way.

Be Onsite continued the legacy of social sustainability that has been an integral part of Lendlease’s culture for more than 50 years. It was a natural extension of the company’s 20-year record of working with the UK government and voluntary groups to help people into construction. 

Since its creation, Be Onsite has won many awards for our work in providing more than 800 disadvantaged people with tailored, industry-specific training and helping in excess of 600 to find permanent, paid employment.

Today, Be Onsite continues to respond to community needs by building local partnerships to make a difference wherever Lendlease has a presence.