Meeting the Prime Minister

12 May 2011

Be Onsite employees meet the Prime Minister

On the 12th of May, Be Onsite was invited to take six of our employees to meet with David Cameron and Nick Clegg at an event held at the Handball Arena in the Olympic Park.

The PM and deputy PM were there to promote apprenticeships and the increase in funding and focus on young people aged 16-25. The Be Onsite employees were invited to participate in a Q&A session after the formal speeches.

The event, which was broadcast live on television, saw a number of business leaders and apprentices participate in the Q&A.  One of the Be Onsite employees even quizzed the Prime Minister on what will happen to funding for apprenticeships for those over 25.

The employees certainly had their confidence boosted by their encounter at the arena. Two of our Athletes’ Village Water Hygiene Operatives were singled out by the PM at the end of the event for a handshake and a brief chat, providing a particular highlight.