Be Onsite employee featured on BBC Radio

1 July 2012

Be Onsite employee featured on BBC Radio London’s “Towards London 2012”

BBC London journalist Ian Ramsdale has been following the fortunes of Be Onsite employee Annika Allen for the last four years.  “Towards London 2012” has been charting the progress of the people helping to make the Games happen and profiling the Olympic stars of the future.

Single mum of two Annika had always wanted to work on the Olympics. She had been on almost every training course available, but never ended up with a job.  Disillusioned, Annika was looking at changing careers and trying to get into social care when she was given a brochure for Be Onsite.  Following job-specific training, Annika started work at the Athletes’ Village as a furniture installer working with global logistics company UPS.

The programme features Annika talking about her journey, the support and encouragement provided by Be Onsite and her joy at being able to fulfil her dream of working on the Olympics.  Be Onsite Managing Director Val Lowman was also interviewed explaining how the specialist training, intensive pastoral care and individual support offered by Be Onsite helps our employees achieve their goals and progress in their careers. Annika’s story has also been filmed for a special BBC News feature shown during the Games on BBC1.

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