The impact

Our work delivers tangible results.

  • Employees gain a sustainable career
  • The property industry gets the skilled workers it needs
  • Deprived communities get a boost in growth and employment
  • Over 400 people provided with tailored, industry training
  • More than 300 have found permanent, paid employment
  • Overall, over 90% of Be Onsite employees remain in employment

Tackling social exclusion

  • Be Onsite directly employs socially-excluded individuals
  • We are employer-led, there is no training without a job
  • 25% of employees have criminal records and of these, 99% do not re-offend

Sustainable through innovation

  • Be Onsite trains for future jobs
  • We track technological advances and identify where new training is needed

Transforming communities

  • Be Onsite tackles poverty and disadvantage
  • Generating growth and employment
  • Helping to regenerate communities