The Women into Construction Project

Did you know that women currently represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK? Most of these jobs are office based and only 2% work in manual jobs. Be Onsite is working hard to change those statistics by hosting the Women into Construction Project.

CITB ConstructionSkills has chosen Be Onsite to lead this flagship scheme originally hosted by the Olympic Delivery Authority in the Olympic Park in Stratford. The project aims to address the specific barriers that prevent women from entering the construction industry and help create a more gender-balanced workforce.

With funding secured for the next two years, the Women into Construction project will build on their impressive track record of brokering work placements, job opportunities, training and support for women in the construction/property sectors. Geographically the scope of the project will grow too with opportunities not only available in Stratford but also on a pan-London basis.

What does the Women into Construction project offer?

The project places women in all areas of construction from manual trades to graduate construction professions. The project also offers women various short construction courses, CSCS training/testing and apprenticeship opportunities on sites across London.

Work Placements

  • Work placements provide newly-trained tradeswomen with valuable site experience, providing them with the opportunity to build on the skills and knowledge they have gained in college.
  • Participants’ expenses are covered such as travel, lunch and childcare.
  • Continuing support and guidance from Women into Construction Project Managers.

Training Courses

  • Pre-employment training is free to participants and covers a variety of areas up to NVQ Level 2.
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) training and certification.
  • Training to ensure that women have the right skills and are qualified to work on site.

Job Brokerage

  • Women can access a range of exciting jobs in construction across London
  • Career advice and guidance and pre-employment training.

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